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Actual conversation from an actual human being

"i was seriously thinking about it today. i don’t even want a girlfriend. i hate talking to girls. i just want to fuck them,”

-Arshad Noori, a gentleman and a scholar.

have i mentioned how much i hate my misogynistic roommates who treat women like dogs? COLLEGE LYFE.

Young Blood (Slow Version)- The Naked And Famous 

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So this letter really shook me up today. I work at a pet funeral home more or less and when families drop off their pets we allow the kids to fill out a little form to help remember their pet. This is probably one of the saddest ones.. it says:

'You Were Special Because:'

and she replies

"You had my back all the time. Every time I looked at you, you were happy. Love…Kaylee

No one will replace you, I promise. I will never forget you.”

All of this coming from a 5 year old child, it’s all so moving and really sums up how the loss of a loved one affects the family. It made me glad that I could be there for the family and made me realize how much these animals mean to their owners.

well fuck

i have work at 3:45am and im just tired enough to not want to sleep yet i’m still pretty tired…but it’s just an hour and a half away. why do i keep saying i can work these weird as fuck shifts.

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